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We design, create and manage investment portfolios for people. Each portfolio is specifically tailored to the individual requirements of our clients.

Recognising that everyone has different circumstances, aims and aspirations, we design each portfolio to fit the objectives of each individual client.

We ensure that the framework for each client is flexible because we understand that the objectives set today can be completely different tomorrow.

We select investments from a broad range of asset classes including equities, bonds, hedge funds, commodities, property, cash and private equity.

Through regular reviews and updates we ensure that we keep in touch with our clients' current circumstances.

We monitor the markets closely and react quickly to changing market circumstances, reflecting those changes in our clients' portfolios.

Many firms adopt one or more of the following key practices. We adopt them all:

  • We build very strong relationships with our clients so as to better understand their objectives and aspirations

  • We focus on delivering strong investment performance
  • We have a highly flexible and active investment process, changing the mix of investments quickly and efficiently when market conditions change
  • We have a focused, core buy-list of assets that clients will own, reflecting our strong belief in those investments
  • We invest alongside our clients, in exactly the same mix of investments
  • We design and manage investment portfolios for only a limited number of clients
  • We are dedicated to keeping charges low
  • We are completely transparent about how we charge
  • We report to our clients using clear language and honest performance statistics
  • We ensure that our clients have access to our partners whenever required
  • We employ two of the most respected independent global research companies to assist in sourcing the best investment opportunities for our clients
  • We have an independent risk committee comprising several industry experts who help to shape our views about world markets